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Made in Mississippi: Atlas Roofing Corporation

Our latest Made in Mississippi features the  Atlas Roofing Corporation  in Meridian. Atlas recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. During the celebration, the company hosted a lunch for all of its employees and presented awards to its staff. They also gave a $37,000 check to Belinda Harvey, who created the company's original logo in 1982 and had become her family's caretaker. Atlas manufactures roof insulation, wall insulation, shingles, underlayments, and molded polystyrene and does business with companies in 19 different countries! Check out the  Mississippi Manufacturers Association 's story below or in the link to our YouTube page!

MMA Scholarship Spotlight: Jackson State's Khaela Jones

Well before she stepped foot on campus as a freshman at Jackson State, junior Industrial Technology major Khaela Jones, who graduated from Jim Hill High School in Jackson, had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to study when she got to college. “The world is changing so fast, and everything revolves around technology,” said Jones. “After high school graduation, we got a chance to come on campus and we basically did summer classes and we visited different companies around Jackson. They talked to us about different opportunities you can go into.” Unfortunately, her college experience, just like the experience of so many students across the country and the world, was quickly interrupted by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020. Campus shut down and students were forced to take their classes online. “My freshman year, spring semester, COVID really affected a lot of things,” Jones said. “I didn’t have the full college experience because we just got back on campus this