ZDNet: Ransomware Attacks are Becoming More Punitive

BLACK HAT USA - Researchers are warning businesses that double-extortion ransomware attacks are becoming more common and more complex.

Edmund Brumaghin, a research engineer at Cisco Secure, said attackers are now obtaining an initial access point through an endpoint and moving laterally across a network, with the goal of gaining access to as many systems as possible.

"Once they had maximized the percentage of the environment that was under their control, then they would deploy the ransomware simultaneously," Brumaghin commented. "It's one of those types of attacks where they know that organizations may be forced to pay out because of instead of a single endpoint being infected, now, 70 or 80 percent of server-side infrastructure is being impacted operationally at the same time." 

This is problematic because not only does a victim lose control of their network, but the attacker now has access to a trove of sensitive information, including corporate files or customer data.

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